• nico muhly Drones (CD, £11.50)

    label: Bedroom Community

    Drones consists of Nico Muhlyís three Drones EPís, plus a bonus composition exclusive to this release. -Performing on Drones are Bruce Brubaker, Pekka Kuusisto, Nadia Sirota and Nico Muhly. -Drones was recorded at Greenhouse studios in Iceland and produced by Valgeir Sigurūsson. *"I started writing the Drones pieces as a method of developing harmonic ideas over a static structure. The idea is something not unlike singing along with one's vacuum cleaner, or with the subtle but constant humming found in most dwelling--places. We surround ourselves with constant noise, and the Drones pieces are an attempt to honor these drones and stylize them." *Tracklisting: 01 Part I / 02 Part II / 03 Part III (The 8th Tune) / 04 Part IV / 05 Part V / 06 Part I Material in D / 07 Part II Material in a Handsome Stack / 08 Part III Material with no Tricks / 09 Part IV Material in a Long Cadence / 10 Part I Material in Eb 11 Part II Material in Sevenths / 12 Part III Material in Two Keys / 13 Part IV Material with Shifting Drones / 14 Drones in Large Cycles

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