• cut ups Building Bridges, Starting Here (LP + CD, £10.75)

    label: household name

    Pianos! Organs! Female vocals! Fiddles! Crikey. The Cut Ups are branching out into fresh, uncharted territories. • Elsewhere, however, it’s business as usual. Which is, classic emotive punk rock with a smouldering conscience. • ‘The Gold War’ and ‘The Pacifist’s Hymn’ are towering slabs of heartfelt noise with Jon Curtis’ thick Bragg-esque voice sounding rounded and roaring. • In fact, after the charming guest vocals of guitarist, Dan (‘Teenage Danclub’), and Pippa Wragg (‘Another Bad Mood’), and after all the embellishments, one thing remains very clear: Jon’s voice is the golden fleece. It’s what makes The Cut Ups so endearing, so unique, so believable and so fucking brilliant. • Tether that voice to these heart-swelling songs and it’s a no-brainer. Reviewed by Darren Johns, Crazy Arm.

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