• sheepy / vamos Split EP (7", £3.95)

    label: Blang

    Sheepy are a Liverpool pop-punk-psych trio led by songwriter Luke Jones. Their first single, the punk-pop rollercoaster Predator, was played by Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 2 and used on Sky TV’s Soccer AM. Second single Glum was a psychedelic pop song played by Frank Skinner (Absolute) and Tom Robinson (6Music). The ‘A’ side of this split EP ‘Another Day’ is a timeless slice of Scouse pop. Hear it at www.soundcloud.com/blangrecords. Praise for Glum: “Had The Kinks begun life as a Merseybeat band it's easy to imagine their psychedelic mid-period could have produced tracks like 'Glum'…. joyfully out of step, inhabiting its own psych-pop bubble SOUNDS XP // “evokes the precise and archly artistic pop of 10cc…The flip, ''Craic Injector'', bangs seven kinds of fuck out of it though.” UNPEELED // “draws comparisons to Welsh wizards Super Furry Animals.” A MUSICAL PRIORITY // “captivating” MUDKISS // Praise for Predator: ‘classic indie-guitar songwriting... the title track has a non-stop, melodic, powerpop rush and undeniable charm. 'Bread And Noodles' is early Super Furry Animals jamming with Teenage Fanclub and is all the better for it. A superb debut and definitely a talent to keep your eye on’ SOUNDS XP // ‘a voice tailored by superior beings… brilliant… a pop classic’ UNPEELED // ‘Undertones aura with merest whiff of Nirvana, crumbs of Costello and maybe a few milligrams of Monkees’ MUDKISS ‘Quite simply a great track’ SOCCER AM SITE // Formed in Liverpool and now based in Galway Vamos are a high energy ‘ruff and roll’ band. They have toured extensively across the UK, Ireland and Germany. This release follows a 10" single (2008) on German indie label Rilrec. Tracklisting: Sheepy: 1 Another Day 2. Bobble Hat Girl / Vamos: 1 Kiss Me 2. Drugfuck

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