• knife Deep Cuts (double LP, £16.50)

    label: Brille

    Vinyl reissue of The Knife’s acclaimed 2nd album. From Allmusic: “The second album from the Knife, Deep Cuts saw wide release only after the success of 2006's Silent Shout, a more dance-oriented work than its dark, moody successor. While the wonderful quirks of the Swedish brother/sister duo -- namely distorted vocals and prominent synth lines -- are present, they are often used in shimmering, club-ready contexts, as on the vibrant "Heartbeats" (later covered by indie-folk performer José Gonzalez) and "You Take My Breath Away," which skates along nimbly on a sheet of icy beats. If Deep Cuts is a night out on the dancefloor, Silent Shout is the chilling, shadow-filled walk home, making the former the more accessible and light-hearted of the two albums.” TRACKLISTING: A1 Heartbeats A2 Girls' Night Out A3 Pass This On B1 One For You B2 The Cop B3 Listen Now B4 She's Having A Baby C1 You Take My Breath Away (Vocals – Jenny Wilson) C2 Rock Classics C3 Is It Medicine D1 You Make Me Like Charity D2 Got 2 Let U D3 Behind The Bushes D4 Hangin' Out

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