• messages Message Bag (double LP, £24.75)

    label: De Stijl

    We come burdened with the glorious purpose of having readied the latest recordings by Messages, a double LP set called Message Bag. It's a set of pieces that imparts a vibe rife with history, and yet clearly focused on the future. You buy these 2 LPs, poster and insert in a bag, but in all of its formats and strategies Message Bag operates as a return to an unresolved system, as an alternative to the rest of your choices, and bestows something that can't be bought. We call it Wisdom: its one of the finest, nowhere to be, nowhere to go, no agenda at all, shut the fuck up and close your eyes, pleasurable experiences that you'll find this record to be. Clearly inspired by a 1970s NYC that we all wish wed have seen, this is as authentic as you're going to get and its thick, its lovely. Enjoy it.

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