• ninetail The Vultures Are Circling (CD, £12.75)

    label: Hand/Eye

    Central Pennsylvania's own musical hurricane, Ninetail return with their first album since 2009. The Vultures are Circling finds the band in top form, dealing out plenty of the aggressive metal they have always been known for, but here adding new elements to the mix. There is an intricacy and attention to detail often forgotten in heavy music - with enough twists and changes in the songs to satisfy the most discerning ear. Each change of tempo or stylistic shift is in service to the song, each song crafted as part of the whole. In an age of mp3 singles, The Vultures are Circling is an ALBUM from start to finish. Thematically, The Vultures are Circling deals with the Revolutionary War from Paul Reveres night time ride through the horrors of war that came after. Heavy as iron ore, refined as steel - rapid fire drums and tremolo picking alternate with moments inspired by classical music and even lute-guitar interludes. Ninetail has managed to deliver an uncompromising heavy metal album, interesting and well written enough to expand their listening audience well beyond that core. The Vultures are Circling is for metal fans AND music fans alike.

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