• un festin sagital Sic Deus Dilexit Mundum (double CD, £13.75)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    Edition of 400 copies. Rock in opposition to Rock In Opposition. Un Festin Sagital's formulae are Sagittarian with surprises. The dense, electro-motorik opening statement that SEEMS like it will be thematic, is eventually reneged upon by tiny sounds orbiting disembodied voices. A congregation of folk-psych and noise follows on in the tradition of anti-tradition, pronating on the side of a rather thrilling, ghostly top tenor performing expert vocal routines on the uneven bars. Upon the arrival the album's truest progressive gnostication, it becomes clear that, while beautiful with a little bit of a Crimson tide running through it, UFS prefers its musical limbs remain dislocated. This is especially evidenced by the final reverberating drone of floating on the far side of the galaxy at journey's end. Along with copper and un-manufactured ferro-alloy materials, UFS are one of Chile's finest exports. "Imagine Christian Vander and Pierre Henry collaborating on a lost masterpiece when they were both at the peaks of their powers.....Imagine the master tape turning up in Chile..Imagine its reputation preceded it and turned out to be EVEN BETTER... Un Festin Sagital is a group I'd never heard of before, but I reckon I'll spend the next few years hearing them again and again." Edward Ka-Spel/Legendary Pink Dots.

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