• two sunsets Venetian Skies / Sandunes (7" in die-cut sleeve, £3.75)

    label: Great Pop Supplement

    Wirral based duo TWO SUNSETS comprise Phil Bridges and Sean Butler. Their music is rich in kaleidoscopic soft psych hues with cyclical drones with hazy lo-fi summery vocals and both tunes here hint at a gorgeously understated brand of dream pop. Comparisons with the Super Furries and Flaming Lips have been thrown around yet to these ears they have a sound distinctly their own. Personally, I prefer the line I read recently, “like mercury melting downstream to canyons of colour” that kinda sums it up nicely! The band’s description of their music being “almost overly exposed and out of focus” also hits pretty close. “Venetian Skies” is dreamily perfect pop with its double ‘A’ side “Sandunes” featuring the overexposure the band refer to - in this case a hugely skew-whiff keyboard riff holding the piece together with its off kilter production techniques, like Joe Meek at his most whacked out, perhaps. A fine debut 45 in a pressing of 300.

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