• kvelertak Meir (CD, £5.25)

    label: Roadrunner

    Kvelertak are back! The Norwegian titans return with their highly anticipated second album, which sees them sign to legendary rock/metal label Roadrunner Records. This, their debut for Roadrunner, sees them once again collaborating with Kurt Ballou of Converge, Kvelertak return with a highly charged, non-stop juggernaut of an album. From the explosively heavy first single, ‘Bruane Brenn’ to the slowed down guitar crunching powerhouse of ‘Evig Vandrar’ to the delightfully infectious ‘Trepan’, this is an album that certainly lives up to the hype and draws parallels to the anarchistic energy of The Sex Pistols and Guns N Roses. ‘Meir’ which means ‘More’ is exhilaratingly original. Tight rhythms, inventive guitar hooks and melodies that seep into your consciousness, this is an album that constantly surprises. “It is both catchy and heavy; we're pushing our limits in both ends of that spectrum. It's very varied and there are a lot of surprises in store. I mean, it's unlike anything I myself have heard before, so we even managed to surprise ourselves, haha.” Erlend Hjelvik (Vocals). “It's kinda like the first one, but way MORE in every way. The big songs are bigger, the harder songs are harder, the poppy songs are poppier, and so on. I think we stretched the limits of what we could do within our realm, but not so much that it doesn't sound unmistakably like Kvelertak. This is also the reason we went back with Kurt, to try out the new material in the context of more or less the same sound spectrum as the first one, so as to give it a bit of a continuous vibe, like a sequel if you will. But what matters is that it's just as fucking shameless as the first one, if not more. I'm, really excited about it.” Bjarte Lund Rolland (Guitars).

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