• 20 years of dischord  (73-track enhanced 3 CD set + 134-page book, £9.50)

    label: dischord

    NOW AVAILABLE WITH EXTRA DOWNLOAD VOUCHER FOR THE FOLLOWING 14 TRACKS: 1. Capitol City Dusters- Not Me Now 2. El Guapo- Just Donít Know 3. Beauty Pill- Prison Song 4. Edie Sedgwick- Sissy Spacek 5. The Pupils- Itís Good To Have Met You 6. Black Eyes- Speaking In Tongues 7. The Evens- Around The Corner 8. Medications- The Perfect Target 9. Aquarium- White House 10. Antelope- Reflector 11. French Toast- Off Center 12. Channels- The Licensee 13. Joe Lally- Via Nomentana 14. Soccer Team- Solid Ring Fighters THREE CDS, 73 SONGS (21 UNRELEASED!), 134 PAGE BOOKLET WITH AN OVERVIEW OF DISCHORD WRITTEN BY HENRY ROLLINS. CD 3 CONTAINS 21 UNRELEASED TRACKS FROM THE LIKES OF MINOR THREAT, FUGAZI, TEEN IDLES, SCREAM, GOVERNMENT ISSUE, VOID... PLUS INTERVIEW PLUS CD ROM VIDEO FILES OF ARCHIVE EARLY BAND PERFORMANCES! CDS 1 AND 2 FEATURE 50 TRACKS, ONE FROM EACH BAND ON THE LABEL. 134 page booklet features text and photos on all bands and the history of the label. TRACKLIST: Teen Idles, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Faith, Void, Scream, Marginal Man, Rites of Spring, Soulside, Shudder to Think, Three, Jawbox, One Last Wish, Lungfish, Nation of Ulysses, Holy Rollers, Fidelity Jones, Ignition, The High Back Chairs, Severin, Make Up, Government Issue, Jawbox... 73 tracks, too many to list here!

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