• literature thieves Moon Stories from Glass Mountain (CD, £4.35)

    label: Red Deer Club

    Literature Thieves are a Manchester based female trio made up of Angela Hazeldine, Amy Clarkson and Cassie Elwood. Formed in 2011, they are a close knit group with tight harmonies and melodic simplicity. Self taught and displaying an urge to play plenty of live shows; they have frequented the Manchester scene for the past eighteen months. The trio have built a devoted local following and are surprised by their ever expanding audience. With a macrocosm of lyrical shades, the girls take their influences from the shared obsession with the moon, earth and life experiences mapped out within the stars. However, this really isn't your run of the mill standard hippy bullshit, their musical influences also draw up their 'pop / folk' up bringing, drawing from Simon and Garfunkel, Dolly Parton, Buell Kazee and The Carter family, not forgetting Stevie Nicks or Kate Bush. The name Literature Thieves comes from Cassie being called a 'literature thief' for never giving back books she borrowed from her good friends, we hope you can steal a page from their book and begin the next chapter with Red Deer Club. To finish off the whole package the band have worked closely with local photography artist Layla Sailor to create their debut video for 'Waves That Weave', Liverpool based Rheannon Ormond has lovingly hand drawn all the artwork and the band branched out into the suburbs to team up with Karl Sveinsson from Queens Ark Studios In Levenshulme, Manchester to record the EP, which was later mixed and mastered by Paul O'Brien. Literature Thieves will be releasing a brand new single ‘Waves That Weave‘ will be available as a free download via reddeerclub.co.uk and their sound cloud page on 17th December proceeded by a five track EP ‘Moon Stories From The Glass Mountain‘ released on 28th January 2013 as a 10" vinyl / CD and download. Quotes "They deliver quirky folk pop filled melodies, three part harmonies, all done with a stylish o -kilter attitude, think Sea of Bees / Tasseomancy… Addictive and very catchy!" - Folk Radio UK "All beautiful harmonies, gently strummed mandolins and plenty of heart-bruising lyricism, this was less a grand statement of intent from one of Manc music 2012’s most amazing new bands, and more a cosy camp re sing-along with three bessie mates you’d yet to make." - City Life

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