• grey march Grey March (CD, £12.75)

    label: Hand/Eye

    Grey March is a powerful musical collaboration with members each contributing from widely varied influences, drawing from the American punk movement as well as the European underground. Gritty and honest - coming from the darker side of popular music, the sound of Grey March reflects a post-punk sensibility. Oscillating between the explosive, furious and frenetic, realised in a predatory stalking, the music of Grey March moves beyond influences into it's own truth. Edgy, frustrated, explosive; heavy and visceral - this is the sound of Grey March. Deeply rooted in the Baltimore punk and alternative music scene of the 1980s, Grey March cut it's teeth as an opening act for many of the legendary bands of the day (MDC, Bad Brains, Samhain, Butthole Surfers, etc). 2013 sees the release of a 8 song album from Grey March - the first in 20 years. This album lays the groundwork for an energetic new period of recording and touring.

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