• north Glaciers (LP, £16.50)

    label: Captcha

    Norwegian savant of the multiverse, Snorre Snøjøst Henriksen (aka The North), presents his debut album Glaciers. The immersive, textural experience that is Glaciers traverses a frigid back country of atmospheric, minimalist soundscapes en route to precision-tooled electronic krautrock jams. Destined to make the people sweat by heating up dance parties in crumbling industrial warehouses everywhere. Fans of CAVE, Neu!, Can, Deutcher Wertarbeit, Pete Namlook, Popol Vuh, Underworld, Orbital and Photek will find this record an indispensable companion. Yaloopop did the stunning artwork for Glaciers. Limited to 250 copies worldwide, it won’t last long.

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