• lorelle meets the obsolete On Welfare (CD, £9.95)

    label: Captcha

    Having relocated from Guadalajara to D.F., LMTO's debut album is titled On Welfare. The album brings the listener on this migration. The opening track, “Traveler,” brilliantly sets the tone. However, should you see "The Obsolete Man" stumble and fall over himself through space and time repeatedly, doomed to echo his mistakes as though cast in some Sisyphean musical, would you lend him a hand? Perhaps you might take pause at the street corner and breathe: inhale, exhale: repeat, as "Waitin' on the Orange Sunshine" blooms, expanding, encompassing everything you relate to, having your brain pan seared by the itchy, repetitive jam "The Means of Production." Not to worry. Delicately plucked notes, like the petals of so many flowers, begin to shimmer radiantly, cymbals hearkening a light at the end of the tunnel; truly "These Days." Having travelled this far you will no doubt recognise "This Plain City", if only for the effigy that LMTO have created by setting it on fire merely to watch it burn. Take these remnants and do with them what you will. Like a hulking synaesthetic lurching newly born unto this world, you will cobble together your own reality wherein the songs shall be part and parcel of a spectacular edifice containing a stark simplicity equal parts achingly beautiful and fantastically haunting mixed with a roaring psychedelic sound bound to bifurcate, yet in so doing, mend your soul. Like late 80s Brit Psych noise rock, melded with some amazing off kilter pop... hard to find pigeon holes, highly recommended!

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