• mesa cosa Infernal Cakewalk (10", £14.50)

    label: Casbah Records

    Infernal Cakewalk is Mesa Cosa's first solid release after a limited (yet ravenously devoured) cassette. Pressed into 10 inches of sleek black vinyl, the ICW EP firstly offers seven of Mesa Cosa's most enigmatic fist-pumping garage songs from their huge oeuvre. Featuring the sing-along garage anthem Shoplifter, noise punk orgy Los Perros (The Dogs) and the 6(66) minute opus of fuzz, demonic chants and free saxophone bedlam boogie Diablo. Today proudly released by Casbah Records, this compilation of outrageous hits includes two bonus tracks. Recorded in their dingy Melbourne living room by Nao Anzai (Rat vs. Possum/Nunchukka Superfly) packaged in a lush sleeve designed by CM Ruiz (Dead Ghosts, Davila 666) and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddie Current Suppression Ring). The Infernal Cakewalk EP captures Mesa Cosa's "the Stooges walk into a Tequila bar" live attitude in a "hey, we put out a record!" kind of way. Mesa Cosa are a six piece from everywhere between Mexico and Melbourne, Australia, that play an aggressive blend of noisy punk, garage rock and Mexican folk tunes. Led by a diminutive chilango from Mexico City, singing in both Spanish and English, Mesa Cosa mix their undying love of Mexican celebrations and dark symbols with their unashamed love for garage music and experimental noise. Mesa Cosa (only) play fun, energetic shows filled with dancing, mayhem, things breaking, people falling down, glasses smashing, amps failing and tambourine sacrifices to the party gods.

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