• owen temple quartet Rot In the Sun (LP, £14.50)

    label: Casbah Records

    By Casbah's fourth release it shouldn't be too hard to talk about an album. But now that Owen Temple Quartet has entrusted the label with the release of Rot in the Sun, it appears that they have their work cut out for them. However thrilled they could have been by the band members' other activities (No Guts No Glory, Bad Chickens, Rodéo Massacre...), it soon became obvious that Rot in the Sun was a mysterious record, one with a powerful identity. This last album spits out a thick richness and contagious darkness, with urges reminiscent of the Gun Club and Chrome Cranks, a Movie Star Junkies-esque fever with Nick Cave's ceremonial tone. Rot in the Sun is one of those albums whose theme and atmosphere just won't go away. It conveys a feeling of destruction, the clarion call to a battle that will spare no musical entity. Owen Temple Quartet insist here on their subtlety and power, a gripping, vibrant, lively, power.

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