• data 70 Space Loops: the Complete Sessions (CD, £6.95)

    label: enraptured

    50 tracks. Over the past 12 years, Jon Chambers and Bob Bhamra have created 50 miniature electronic space loops as DATA 70. Previously only available as a much loved series of limited edition 7" singles, totalling three volumes. 'The Complete Sessions' brings this collection all together for the first time. Jon and Bob have been friends for a very long time. Age six, they first collaborated in Mrs Harbut's music lessons by miming the recorder and ignoring any technical musical tuition whatsoever. These beginnings mutated into an early teens obsession with mod culture. A tender age meant clubs, pills and scooters were out. 'Walking Up Maidenhead High Street' in dog-tooth, owning the best 7" record collections in town and posing down alleyways in Slough were definitely in. Musical activity took the form of DIY cassettes using homemade instruments and a lyrical fixation on girl groups, wallpaper shops and dinner ladies. Other shared activity included the BIFF! BANG! POW! and Last Orders fanzines. Jon later went on to release numerous singles, EPs and three albums with the band SUNRAY and also founded the Strawberry Recording Co. label. Bob, meanwhile, developed a fever for knocking out House and Drum and Bass twelves and recently established West Norwood Cassette Library and WNCL Recordings imprint.

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