• iggy pop & james williamson Kill City (8-track 10", £14.50)

    label: bomp

    The album that started it all. Brought to Bomp when no other label would take a chance on Iggy, 'Kill City' opened the door to the wealth of other rare Stooges material that followed. It's also unique in Iggy's career, coming from a period following the breakup of the Stooges when his life was in disarray and his songs, as a result, expressed a personal angst never quite equaled again. This is the 10" vinyl version with the original artwork and features the best tracks from Kill City. TRACKLISTING: 01. KILL CITY 02. SELL YOUR LOVE 03. BEYOND THE LAW 04. I GOT NOTHIN' 05. JOHANNA 06. CONSOLATION PRIZES 07. NO SENSE OF CRIME 08. LUCKY MONKEYS

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