• corporal machine and the bombers Richard Feaver In Goal (LP + CD, £12.50)

    label: Blang

    With download codes. Romfordís Corporal Machine & The Bombers have crafted an album debut of life-affirming songs mixing the Bombers twin guitar and brass knees-ups with the Corporal's mischievous gin-soaked kitchen sink dramas kicking off with a super-strength tasting in their nearby Itchycoo Park (The Days Of White Lightning), then out west along the District Line for an east meets west heartbreak (Gloucester Road) with stories in between on a hedonistic and at times reckless diet - Five A Day the album's guitar-pop lead single. When skiffle-punk ensemble Corporal Machine & The Bombers first opened for The Television Personalities, Dan Treacy joked "you lot look like you've just walked out the Job Centre"! At the time transferable skills included gravedigging, welding and Newham Council refuse collection! Their musical performance that evening secured them a regular TVPs support slot. In a world without meaning we all need a release, and the Bombers' euphoric blend of skiffle, old school mod (R&B) and crafted guitar riffs is there to drag your head out of the oven and rejoice in the fact that we're all going down, while the Corporal's sweet and sour poetry joins the dots in your head to show you what you already half knew - that there can be happiness at the bottom of a glass, the masses aren't to be trusted and that crack cocaine is a very risky business! Tracklisting: 1 The Days Of White Lightning 2. Oi Oi Oi 3. Gloucester Road 4. Back Of The Boozer 5. Newham County 6. Praise Be The Beggar Thief 7. Cheer Up Britain 8. Harry Bow 9. 51A Booze Street 10. (Please) Donít Scatter My Ashes In Romford 11. Five A Day 12. Singer/Songwriter 13. Ted Bovis.

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