• troller Troller (CD, £8.95)

    label: Handmade Birds

    “Troller mine classic death rock, but slow it down with a heavy shoe-gazing doominess. You can tell the female singer has a voice as big as Zola Jesus, or Siouxsie, but what we like most about it is that she restrains her delivery from overwrought passion up front in the mix, instead letting it moulder at times in a dour misanthropic mire with the chilly synths and the booming plod of the drum machine patterns. The band has a knack for sculpting dark ambient soundscapes that are alien, pensive and luridly bleak.” –Aquarius Records *The first release in the all new Handmade Beats Series, this dark-psych-electronic gem has previously seen release on the cassette format (Living Tapes), and vinyl (on the band's own Holodeck Records). Handmade Birds is proud to issue this modern underground masterwork in a one-time CD pressing, archived in a 5.125" wallet, mini lp polybag, and hand-numbered gold seal. *For how heavy Troller proves itself to be throughout its debut release, it's striking that the brooding melodies and gothic song-architecture remain unusually endearing, evocative, andŠwell, catchy, for such an overall crushing effort. Troller taps into the underworlds of drone, noise, and various 'waves' of dark electronica, as well as pop, though never owing allegiance to any one influence in particular. The clever sensibilities of Troller are consistently married with their dark, harrowing counterparts. A sense of balance is negotiated between sanguine stabs of analog-synth, destructive blown-out bass lines, and screwed tempo drum sequences, narrated by space-soaked siren wails throughout, equal parts sweet & sinister, giving the shadow a voice with which to speak throughout the full-length. Troller pull off atonal (and nearly demented) freak-outs such as Milk almost too convincingly to also produce bubbly, sequenced naïve-pop like Winter; one may worry that they are enjoying the darkness a little too much. You wouldn't be the only one. *Featuring members of Survive and Thousand Foot Whale Claw from Austin,TX. *Tracklisting: 1. Milk | 2. - | 3. Tiger 4. - | 5 . Best | 6. Thirst | 7. - | 8. Winter | 9 – | 10. Peace Dream

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