• martyn bates Migraine Inducers Dissonance / Antagonistic Music (double CD, £18.95)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    "It's an amazing, long lost missing piece in the UK post-punk/DIY jigsaw." The Wire/April 2007. First pressing of 1000 copies in a deluxe 5 colour gatefold sleeve with the first 50 being numbered and signed. Freed from layers of sand, the ancient seal is cracked and the stone portal pried away. A hoary blizzard of slowly settling dust and mould is finally sliced by the first tantalizing glint of a mythological cache. At long last a lost experimental classic from the earliest days of the UK DIY movement is delivered from legendary obscurity. "Violent anti-music: I think this is a brilliant tape...hauntingly beautiful and totally refreshing sound." So wrote Geoff Rushton (aka Jhon Balance) in a 1980 issue his Stabmental magazine about Martyn Bates's "Dissonance" cassette. Originally released as a micro-edition in the UK in 1979, the more definitive American version was released as a cassette in the US shortly afterwards. For the first time "Dissonance" sees a limited edition CD reissue, appended by a bonus disc with the 1994 "completion" of the piece.

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