• uw hypotheekadvies Nature Or Nurture (numbered CD, £4.50)

    label: Beta-Lactem Ring Records

    Edition Of 400 copies. Uw Hypotheekadvies (your mortgage advice) is a noisy trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands and features members from former BlRR band Girlfriends and mastered by Erik Drost and Raymond Steeg (Legendary Pink Dots). According to the Explosive Ordinance Field Guide: "Uw Hypotheekadvies should be handled with great care as it is one of the most powerful EO's, especially if detonated through speakers in the comfort of one's own home." As trios go, UH sound more like a thousand-tet. Imagine a heavily armoured Glenn Branca guitar army falling DOWN an UP escalator in such a way that they never reach the bottom and are forever tumbling and crashing. Now throw DNA down the same escalator and pour acid on that. UH don't just rock; they ROCK. Like agates gone wild, their abstract explorations come delivered via sledgehammer and arrive on the plate as oddly conceived gemstones with insects trapped inside. It smells like the teen spirits of Naked City and Laddio Bolocko lurk underneath UH's woodpile, but despite the improv flavour of UH's pummelling, they skew away from jazz and lean in more towards prog than Zorn and Co. UH's chaos fleshes form and even descends into subtle soundscapes in between the rat-a-tat blastpatter. A beautiful monstrosity of Nature and Nurture.

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