• creepxotica Haunted Bossa Nova (LP, £13.75)

    label: Dionysus Records

    San Diego's CREEPXOTICA combines the more exotic elements of surf music, the more surfy elements of exotica and the creepy elements of both, along with a bit of sea and jungle danger. Add in a shrunken head or two, a refreshing Mai Tai and a Zombie (not the kind you drink...) as well as numerous scantily clad go-go wahinis and you have a pretty accurate description of the twelve songs on their debut full-length Dionysus album. A favourite of the Tiki Oasis crowd and beloved in their hometown of San Diego, CREEPXOTICA sounds just like what their name implies. Oh, and CREEPXOTICA is the alter-ego of a well-known San Diego aggro surf skater tiki garage band.

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