• naibu feat. jinadu / naibu feat. key Decay (OM UNIT remix) / Just Like You (FRACTURE's Astrophonica Remix) (grey vinyl 12", £7.95)

    label: Horizons Music

    After a spate of releases from talented French producer Naibu, he returns with two further sublime, emotional tracks, which feature a range of guests and remixers. *To say there is a ‘quality’ about Naibu’s music is to try to capture the ineffable. There is a certain something, a certain je ne sais quoi, about the way in which he treats his craft, and in turn the listener. He travels on journeys which others simply do not. On 010, his talent shines through like never before. *Horizons continue to come up with the goods, and Naibu is as eclectic as ever. Seriously essential music.

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