• nonono Like the Wind (4-track 12", £6.95)

    label: Best Fit Recordings

    Swedish threesome Nonono, aka front girl Stina Wappling and production duo Astma and Rockwell (whose credits include Icona Pop, Beatrice Eli and Bebe Black) formed in Stockholm during the spring of 2012, following Stina’s return from Brighton where she had spent three years studying for a degree in psychology – a subject which has indirectly impacted on her songwriting. “I don’t know about songwriting rules, and I didn’t go to music school,” Stina explains. “It’s more about a feeling I want to get out. Psychology has influenced me because it gives you so many tools to think about life and situations in deeper ways”. Stina now works in a mental hospital in her free time. “I like to have that world alongside the music, because the music industry takes itself so seriously. If you work with something really different, you get reminded that things aren’t so important, and the world won’t die if you don’t get a mega-hit.” This thoughtful sensibility is reflected in their much-hyped debut release. Described by Popjustice as “a song you are going to listen to once, then immediately feel like listening to again, setting in motion a repeat listening frenzy that will last well over three hours”, it has also been championed by tastemakers including The Guardian, Notion and The Quietus. Tracklisting 1. Like The Wind 2. Like The Wind (D. Lissvik remix) 3. Love 4. Down Under

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