• victims The Victims (7", £9.75)

    label: 1977 Records

    The four tracks on this 7-inch are 'Annette', 'I Want Head', 'Behind The Times' and 'Nervous'. 1975-1976: Richard Reilly is singer in The Outkids, the band that would become The Feelies. Richard and The Outkids part ways due to artistic differences and he starts searching for musicians to start what would become The Victims. He joins up with Mike Giaro who suggests a friend of his, Kevin Post, might be a good fit on drums. Kevin is asked to join the band and agrees. Richard enlists Steve Berman, who he had played with in various bands to play bass and rehearsals begin. The band decides to add a 2nd guitarist and Richard suggests his old friend Barry Ryan, who had at one point auditioned for Outkids but was rejected because some of the band felt he didn't fit the band's image. Barry soon joins the band and Kevin is replaced with Peter London who had played drums in Tramp Band with Barry. The band is primarily playing cover songs and working the North Jersey bar scene at this point while throwing in original songs as they were being written. In the early 1970s northern New Jersey was a vast musical wasteland where cover bands ruled the roost. It was not unusual for bands to play four or five 40 minute sets with a 20 minute break in between each set. It was here that the members of The Victims honed their skills. 1977: Peter leaves the band due to family obligations and is replaced with Jimmy Alexander, a neighbour of Steve's. Jimmy is 16 years old at the time. The band collectively decides that Mikes style of playing doesn't fit the the direction the band is moving and Mike and the band part ways. Mike goes on to play with, most notably, The Whyos and The Blues Jumpers. By now The Victims are regularly playing shows in NYC and have developed enough original material that any covers they are playing are by choice rather than necessity. They are also no longer playing many 4 set shows, opting to do 2 band shows where each band plays 2 sets, based on what they have learned from playing NYC shows. Many of these early shows are with The Misfits. There being very few local bands that were playing what would come to be known as "punk rock" the bands form a bond and share many bills early on. This would eventually lead to The Victims second EP being released on The Misfits Plan 9 label. It is the only non-Misfits recording ever released on the Plan 9 label. At varying times both Richard and Barry filled in on guitar for The Misfits. Both were invited to join The Misfits, both politely declined. Richard had met Peter Crowley years earlier when he was in The Outkids and Peter was booking Mothers on 23rd St. When Peter began booking shows at Max's Kansas City, Richard contacted Peter looking to get booked at Max's. Richard also looked for a booking at CBGB's. The band secured bookings for both places on off nights for a while as they continued to build a following in NYC. Richard and Barry moved to NYC to be better located to pursue their musical career. The Victims begin work on recording material for what would become known as "The Plan 9 EP". 1977: 2nd EP released on The Misfits Plan 9 label. 1000 copies, 500 with red sleeve, 500 with black sleeve. Jimmy Alexander (a Jehovah's Witness) announces he is leaving the band due to his religious beliefs. Mark Bourset (aka MT Heart, Little Moe Trucks) replaces Jimmy. The Victims are regularly headlining weekend shows at Max's Kansas City as well as being the supporting band for shows with The Troggs, Heartbreakers, Sid Vicious and others.

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