• kevin tihista Modern Standard (CD, £10.25)

    label: Broken Horse

    It’s been just over a year since Kevin Tihista re-emerged after a seven year hiatus with the widely acclaimed ‘On This Dark Street’. At the time Kevin had put aside some of his more upbeat songs that he had written for a later date. An album called ‘Modern Standard’ had originally been planned (and much delayed) as the official follow up to the hugely acclaimed’ Wake Up Captain’ (2004) and the equally well received ‘Home Demons Vol 1’ that swiftly followed in 2005. *Broken Horse is extremely proud to announce the release of ‘Modern Standard’ which sees Kevin returning with his most optimistic and accessible set of songs since his 2001 debut ‘Don’t Breathe A Word’. Not that Kevin himself necessarily agrees with this assessment. *“I don't think I’d ever be accused of being too optimistic. Maybe less dire? There are a few songs on the new record that do have a glimpse of hope in them though. The City, Happy People Shut Your Mouths, and On My Way would be those few. For the most part, I don't let my songs get too sunny. I have Slayer and Morrissey to thank for that. I would agree that compared to On This Dark Street, Modern Standard has more pop elements to it. I'd say The City pretty much makes up for every doom and gloom song I've ever written. It gave me a cavity when I wrote it”. *With ‘On This Dark Street’ under his belt, Kevin and his label Broken Horse planned a much more positive record that played to his strengths and reinforced his reputation as one of America’s finest songwriters. ‘Modern Standard’ is a stunning showcase of Tihista’s songwriting talents. It’s an embarrassment of riches, with one great song after another, and it’s not hard to imagine that each one could be a listener’s favourite.

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