• tyke & prestige / rawtee Cowboy Desperado / Throwing Stars VIP (12", £6.50)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

    Grid Recordings keeps things moving with another sledgehammer of a release. Featuring four upfront and grimy tracks from some of the labelís most loved producers, Thatís What We Call Bass Part 2 sees Tyke, Prestige, and Rawtee serve up another dose of essential Grid. *Tyke and Prestige team up once again from yet another jump up colossus. After a chilling cinematic intro, Cowboy Desperado transforms into a stomping juggernaut. Featuring thick, twisting bass and hammering drums, Cowboy is another weapon from the production team that brought us Scorpio. . *Miami based Rawtee keeps things moving with the adrenaline fueled sounds of Throwing Stars VIP. After a desolate intro, Throwing Star explodes into a track designed to destroy the dancefloor. A combination of catchy bassline, metallic synths and rolling percussion - expect Throwing Stars VIP is already dealing damage. *These tracks have already gained support from DJ Hype, Bryan Gee, The Upbeats, Crissy Criss, DJ Hazard,Grooverider and many more.

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