• daiquiri fantomas MHz Invasion (CD, £10.75)

    label: Blow Up

    Italian experimental musical duo Marco Barrano and Dario Sanguedolce have the sun in their music. Of course, they stem from Sicily. Like the sweetest orange their opuses are bright and vibrant, sweet and a little tart. Daiquiri Fantomas is indeed a cocktail of ideas, breathing life into the most diverse sound architectures by boldly experimenting with acoustic instruments and vintage electronics crossed over with new technologies. The whole sound has a distinctive "retro-futuristic" flavour, giving a nod both to the '60s/70s (progressive rock, sci-fi b-movie soundtracks, kosmische musik) and later adapters Stereolab, Broadcast, Modular and Lemon Jelly. Tracks : 1. MHz Jingle #1 (0:17) 2. Praeludium (3:39) 3. Logarhythm (3:06) 4. Moon Raga (7:14) 5. MHz Jingle #2 (0:45) 6. MHz Invasion (4:40) 7. Voronoi’s Dream (1:32) 8. Moogchile (4:09) 9. Kármán's Line (0:58) 10. Moon Raga - Alt. version (3:17) 11. Logarhythm - Alt. version (2:54)

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