• james booth Reunion (hand numbered MC, £8.95)

    label: 100% Silk

    Memory-taper JAMES BOOTH trickled through his teen years in Manchester tracking melancholia house shadows and overcast bedroom bangers on a home-rigged dictaphone/Tascam arrangement, and though he's since upgraded his studio assemblage the essential agenda remains unchanged. 'Reunion' is his debut, documenting ten of his choicest Northern isolation reveries, a Polaroid-hued tube-ride-turned-rhythm-odyssey through 150 shades of grey, from the nocturnal ice-house jazz of 'End Tipsy' to the foggy, 5 AM club deja vu, 'Seeing Voices'. An alternately hushed and hypnotized journey to the end of the night, in search of pleasures known and unknown. Again, please. Pro-dubbed tapes in new SILK label J-cards. Edition of 100.

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