• earlies & sara lowes I've Been Waiting (multicoloured vinyl 7", £5.95)

    label: earworm

    Following singles by Spacemen 3 and The Hidden Cameras, Earworm pulls off a real coup by securing the services of The Earlies for its latest 45. In collaboration with hotly tipped Mancunian singer / songwriter Sara Lowes, the band cover The Webb Brothers gem "I've Been Waiting", and has appeared on a previous Earlies Secret Broadcast, but is released here for the first time. Slow building and gorgeously layered vocal harmonies lend the song an almost ghostly air, and is a mighty addition to The Earlies already mighty canon. Sara is a regular contributor to The Earlies live sound, where she provides vocals and keyboards from within the now infamous cube of keyboards! She is, in addition an esteemed artiste in her own right, as the great "Front Street South" album amply proves. She has appeared on other Names On Records (aka The Earlies) productions such as the 2004 Micah P Hinson debut "The Gospel Of Progress". Released as a one off, blink and you'll miss it, vinyl 7" only.

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