• shadows of knight Shadows of Knight (LP, £13.75)

    label: Cherry Red Phonograph

    Three years gone from their massive hit, "Gloria", only one original member remained in the band; lead singer, Jim Sohns. Thinking the world wasn't done with him yet, he assembled a band and inked a deal with the hit-makers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz and cut a record, which produced one final hit for the group in "Shake" and this self-titled LP. A bit of a hit chasing LP, its all over the map stylistically, from the expected snotty R&B to psychedelic excursions to hard rock to pop. Although this might sound off-putting at first, the album rewards with later listens as the record has some of the best songs of the Shadows of Knights brief career. Reissued here on LP by Cherry Red Phonograph. Side 1: 1. Follow 2. Alone 3. Times And Places 4. I Am What I Am 5. Uncle Wiggley's Airship 6. I Wanna Make You All Mine Side 2: 1. Shake Revisited '69 2. I'll Set You Free 3. Under Acoustic Control 4. Bluebird 5. Back Door Man

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