• bird by snow Offering (140g vinyl LP, £16.95)

    label: Gnome Life

    Limited to 500, highest quality (reverse board) matte jackets, copper foil embossed booklet, and an MP3 download - "Offering" is the 5th record by Bird By Snow. Recorded and performed entirely by Fletcher Tucker - producer of recent albums by Daniel Higgs and Little Wings. "Offering" offers up eight completely analogue recordings put to tape at various power spots in Big Sur, California - Tucker's homeland. This primordial, majestic and wild landscape is the primary inspiration for the album, and consequently Big Sur emanates from the speakers as the record spins. "Offering" sets out to reawaken an ancient consciousness, an atavistic awareness present in the land and in ourselves - to give you permission to return to the familiar place, inhabited by our ancestors, where myth and magic are primary natural forces.

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