• circle of ouroborus Circle of Ouroborus (CD, £12.50)

    label: Handmade Birds

    2012 LP version sold out immediately, remains highly sought after, and landed on numerous year end lists. *Previous album “Eleven Fingers” 8/10 on Pitchfork, #7 Metal Album of 2011 *Previous releases on such labels as Hospital Productions, Northern Sky, and Cocainacopia “They are, after all, a band that has remained interesting across several dozens of quickly made, quickly sold-out releases by avoiding easy circumscription-- lyrically, stylistically or ideologically. In a market of one-sheets auto- posted to hundreds of music blogs, Circle of Ouroborus offers a proud, stubborn vortex of the undefined.” Pitchfork 8.2/10 “The key here is the dense, almost suffocating atmospheres. The songs themselves are great, but are made greater by the power of the rich, foggy atmospherics. The atmospheres here are so thick, so murky, that you may at first think that something is wrong with the mix, or that the sound on your stereo is not quite right, as the keys/synths threaten to overwhelm all the other sounds and instruments, including the vocals.Once you adjust, and understand that it's supposed to sound like this, you'll be hypnotized by the sounds. More than any other Circle of Ouroborus record, the sounds here are that of longing, desperation, and ultimately, failure... even though the lyrics are for the most part very positive, brimming with hope and confidence. Circle of Ouroborus may be the only band that could take such a paradox and make it sound incredible.” – Hammer Smashed Sound *Tracklisting: 1 Cast In Clay 2 Black Hole Womb 3 The Way Of The Will 4 Skyline Painter 5 Ride The Wolf 6 Mirror Universe 7 Toivosta Syntynyt

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