• how i quit crack Dystopian Gift (MC, £8.50)

    label: Handmade Birds

    AUSTIN, TX multi-instrumentalist, frequent collaborator with Mater Suspiria Vision, and black-light electro-guru Tina Forbis returns with another set of psychedelic soundscapes. *LIMITED ONE TIME PRESSING on the Handmade Birds Cassette Series. “Crack makes people do fucked-up things: sell their kids, fight alligators at 4 AM, talk to dead presidents in the alleyway. It made Tina F., under the guise of How I Quit Crack, turn out some of the most beautiful music this side of Planet Julee Cruise. In neon lingerie she performs other-worldly gospel songs amidst bouquets of fluorescent flowers that breathe in her warped foggy synths, hazy guitar feedback, and distant vocals over moonlit lounge beats. “ VICE “Ernestina Forbis’ heavily blacklit How I Quit Crack project is the kind for which I wish I knew more about electronic pop and didn’t spend my early adulthood obsessing about guitar quite so much. These songs are incredibly evocative and even familiar at times, not only in relation to some imagined past, but also a darkened present, but I can’t really say what or who to compare them to. But both sides of this, […] are great—well-constructed and engaging slabs of downer synth pop.” – Foxy Digitalis Tracklisting: 1 Crying 2 I Waa Wrong 3 Dystopian Present 4 Negated Future 5 WHHHNE 6 Gender Abolition 7 Nodular 8 Frustrating 9 Libricidal Freedom Trashcan 10 Neurotropical

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