• yek koo Love Song for the Dead C (LP, £17.95)

    label: Emerald Cocoon

    Bookended by two renditions of a Persian love song (one sung in Farsi, one in English) that trade in the same echoing confusion, 'Love Song For The Dead C' is some epic outsider hornk, originally released to coincide with an installation at Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles. Dissonant chiming slowly unfurls into a vast chasm of mesmerizing sound; disoriented guitar wafts through a wah-wah swirl of delay and distant Dead C-samples; parts are harrowing slow-motion crawls through alleys and sewers of room tone as captured by the tunnel-vision fidelity of a Dictaphone. Comes with handmade bootleg-style paste-on covers. Edition of 288 copies.

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