• chris grant It's Not About War! (CD, £1.50)

    label: 359 Music

    “Chris's preoccupation is writing big songs capturing northern innocence.” Alan McGee.  Debut solo album from former front-man of The Grants.  Alan first discovered Chris in 2007 when he was fronting The Grants. The group performed at McGee’s club night Death Disco.  It’s taken half a decade for the planets to align and Chris has now recorded his debut album. “When Chris gets it right, his music transcends apathy” Alan McGee. Track listing: 1. OUR STORY 2. I AM THE ONE 3. IT'S YOU 4. PRETTY MEAN 5. LIKE A 45 6. HOW MANY TIMES 7. MAYBE NOW 8. MOONLIT WALL 9. TOO COOL TO DIE 10. BABY PINK

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