• eyes of verotika / ricky fitts Split (7", £4.95)

    label: Init Records

    A great split 7" between two fine hardcore bands from the Midwest. Rickyfitts serves up a song reminiscent of Midwest bands of the 90's, like Boys Life and Proudentall. Eyes Of Verotika's song blends the catchiness of punk rock bands like Lifetime with the raw emotion of screamy hardcore bands like The Spirit Of Versailles. Eyes Of Verotika has members of Back When and Ricky Fitts members are now in Weather Is Happening. Limited to 500 copies. TRACKLISTING: 01. EYES OF VEROTIKA - A SHIFTING PATTERN 02. RICKY FITTS - A CYCLOPS WITHOUT HIS EYE IS LIKE A TRICERATOPS WITH NO TRY

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