• death remains Stand.Fight.Believe (CD, £11.50)

    label: In At the Deep End

    From England, the spiritual home of classic metal, comes the new generation in the world's leading metal bands. Among those at the front of the pack are DEATH REMAINS. The band is on the verge of releasing their debut album under the guidance of SGR management. With members coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds, the band values individuality, both personally and in their music, separating them from the London music scene they have originated from. An explosive live band, DEATH REMAINS entered the studio in 2013 to begin recording their first album with Justin Hill at the desk, formerly of acclaimed noise band SIKTH. The incredible and mind blowing opus, 'STAND.FIGHT.BELIEVE' is about everyday struggles, it's about standing your ground, it's about never giving in. This is the latest in original British metal. This is the new generation of British youth employing crushing rhythms and devastating riffs, injecting life into a genre plagued by rip-offs and wannabes. This is more than just sheer technical brilliance. This is passion. This is DEATH REMAINS.

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