• bits of shit Cut Sleeves (LP, £14.50)

    label: Casbah Records

    Many bands can be related to the Bits Of Shit sound. It flies to your head like a Black Flag track, the voice finds its path between John Lydon and Bon Scott and the style itself brings us back to the minimalism of the Wipers, Jello Biafra and friends. In a whole, the Bits Of Shit will get you addicted. Following a third pressing of their first album 'Cut Sleeves' in Australia through Homeless records, it is about time for this album to get its own European edition for our sake to all of us. Casbah and Dangerhouse Skylab Records join forces again to present a 500 copy edition of 'Cut Sleeves', mastered by Mickey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring). Bits of Shit will teach you bad manners. No arty or pedantic digressions. Because Bits Of Shit do not deserve any better name, and neither do you.

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