• crystal shipsss Dirty Dancer (LP, £12.50)

    label: Acuarela

    Jacob Faurholt of Berlin-based Crystal Shipsss has never been very good at hiding things. So when he decided to write and record a collection of personal songs intended only to share with his future self and not for official release, deep down Faurholt always knew that this diary of songs would one day be left open for the world to find. The album, Dirty Dancer, is a hauntingly intimate collection of minor falls and major lifts through one man’s life of ups and downs – all documented through melodies reminiscent of Daniel Johnston, Xiu Xiu and Grandaddy. Recorded sporadically between 2011-2013, Dirty Dancer is an autobiographical album with stories centred around struggles with anxiety, obsessive thoughts, teenage insecurity, and in one case a panic attack. In “I Had a Friend,” Faurholt sings about the true story of a burning ferry that took the lives of his best friend along with the boy’s entire family, while in the song “I’m Not Insane,” he shares details of a helpful therapy session. “I wanted to make an album that lyrically would be embarrassingly direct and describe moments in my life that burned into my mind,” admits Faurholt, a native of Denmark, who relocated to Berlin in 2010. Faurholt recorded the album with a mix of studio experiments and pre-written arrangements but without having a pre-meditated clue of how to glue everything together. Faurholt recorded and mixed most of the album in his living room in Berlin. In the end he invited some good friends and fellow musicians to help out with some additional recordings and mixing. They are: Soren Little Brothers from Canadian act Man Meets Bear, Daniel Crowell from California’s The New Slave, and Jens Christian Madsen from the Danish one man band Tjaere+Fjer. The album was mastered by James Plotkin (Isis, Earth). Faurholt and Crystal Shipsss have played a long list of shows, sharing the stage with bands such as Nadja, The Black Heart Procession, TEEN, CocoRosie, Efterklang, and Grizzly Bear. Tracklist: 1. Screaming Teens 2. I Know 3. Pig 4. I Had A Friend 5. Lost 6. I’m Not Insane 7. 18 Years Old 8. The Horror Of It All 9. Dad 10. I Haven’t Seen Him Since 11. Nightmare 12. I Am Well Rehearsed

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