• mutated forms Wastegash - Remixes (12", £6.95)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

    FRICTION’S REMIX OF THE WEEK – BBC RADIO 1 * One of the most memorable releases in Grid Recording’s illustrious back catalogue, Mutated Forms’ Wastegash has become an anthem - laying waste to dancefloors with its unique drumstep beat. * Now one of the tunes that really helped put Mutated Forms on the map gets two very different but equally high quality remixes from D&B maestros The Upbeats and Dubstep don Subzee D. * Wastegash (The Upbeats Remix). Fresh from the release of their latest album, Primitive Technique, The Upbeats put their own industrial spin on a Grid classic. Featuring reworked drums, abrasive synths and a head rocking beat, The Upbeat’s remix amplifies all the attitude of the original. Premiered on BBC Radio 1 by Rockwell, and then made Frictions ‘Remix of the Week’ a few days later this one has already had huge support on Radio and on the underground. * Wastegash (Subzee-D Remix) - After clocking up over 700,000 views on UKF Dubstep and working with the likes of Hench and Sin City, Birmingham-based Subzee-D lends his skills to the final remix of Wastegash. Featuring claps soaked in reverb and a catchy edit of the main theme – Subzee D’s Wastegash Remix is already smashing dancefloors. Plays from Skream & Benga, Caspa and many more… * Support from Friction, Skream & Benga, Caspa, Andy C, S.P.Y, The Upbeats, Noisia, Crissy Criss, Ed Rush & Optical and more! * TRACKLIST: A: Wastegash – The Upbeats || B: Wastegash – Subzee D

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