• dressed in streams Dressed In Streams / Azad Hind (CD, £12.95)

    label: Handmade Birds

    Dressed In Streams mix drone/metal and traditional Indian music, sitars, tablas, intense emotional vocals, furious riffing and explosive echo drenched blackness. -Includes all material from the band’s first two cassette releases on Colloquial Sound Recordings -Includes “Deep Saffron” previously available only on the modern underground classic SVN OKKLT compilation -Limited to 250 copies worldwide -Coincides with a third cassette release on Colloquial Sound Recordings entitled The Search For Blood, limited to 99 copies and currently featured on Invisible Oranges *Tracklisting: 1. Sleeping Foxes 2. The Breastplate Shines 3. A Quiet Place 4. Deep Saffron 5. Leaping Tiger 6. 2 April 1941

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