• cherushii Queen of Cups (12", £10.95)

    label: 100% Silk

    Bay Area hardware native Chelsea Faith’s debut as Cherushii — a name she’s informally recorded under since her first teenage techno Tascam experiments more than a decade ago — spills over with loves and lessons gleaned from her voyage through the city’s thriving rave underworlds. Though she trained as a classical pianist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the rigidity of the culture disillusioned her and she dove head-first into the Bay’s electronic warehouse scene, both as a promoter and as a performer. For her 19th birthday, she received a Yamaha RS7000 sequencer, thus birthing an obsession with live PA sets from which she’s never since deviated. Recorded mostly in San Francisco (with the exception of one track cut in Berlin) and mixed by Matthew Zipkin, Queen of Cups takes the expansive blueprint of slow-burn deep house and threads it with waves of synth wash, acid flash and simmering strobe glow for a loose yet composed suite of 21st-century free-spirit pulse generation.

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