• casimer & casimir O Sweet Joe Pye (7", £4.95)

    label: Brille

    Casimer & Casimir are an American musical duo that sprung from the Spring of 2012. · Casimer & Casimir are uncle and nephew Casimer Pascal and Vincent Casimir. · “[‘O Sweet Joe Pye’s] lyrics elevate a bouncy, harmony-flecked ditty into a thought-provoking, lingering commentary on the slow decline of their hometown.” - Pitchfork. · “‘O Sweet Joe Pye’ is a work of pop art in music form.” - Indie Shuffle. · “I was working furiously, but as soon as the bassline came in at about 30 seconds, I just stopped typing and listened.” - KCRW Artists You Should Know. · “Casimer & Casimir are so good at creating buoyant, timeless-sounding pop songs” - PopMatters. · “Casimer & Casimir got me right where any listener ‘should’ be. Stuck in their world” - Indie Music Filter.

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