• onyou Recovering the Baseband Signal (CD, £11.50)

    label: Captcha

    We had to dig deep into the vaults of Chicago band onYou's catalogue in order to resurrect this massive record. These recordings show onYou evolving, yet maintaining a tight focus on demented and dark psychedelia. The group on this recording consists of the current core Stan Wood, Mikey Ricketts, Michael Neuhaus and former members Jamie Drier (now of the killer Swan King) and Josh Coyle. These dudes veer to a demented, dark psychedelic sound recalling Burning Witch, Goblin, early Pink Floyd and current groups such as Wooden Shjips, Umberto and CAVE... if the sounds of all those bands had been somehow wrapped into one, and then fronted by Charles Manson. onYou has now dropped five releases for Captcha. Their first full-length effort, Poltergeist, came out in 2009, featuring exceptional hand-crafted artwork. The micro-edition cassette tape Accidental Pleasure followed shortly thereafter. 2011’s White Waste EP was glazed entirely in white, glossy packaging. Elements from all three prior efforts coalesce on the digital release Collected Works Vol. 1. And the most recent, the immediately sold out tape of “Follow the Music, Follow the Light”. These Psychedelic Warriors must be in prime fighting shape!

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