• ezramo Come Ho Imparato a Volare (hand numbered LP, £18.50)

    Limited to 300 copies in gatefold sleeve. "Poetry with a radical surrender of Kitsch, which therefore unfolds the soul of the music. Only the second release of the young Berlin based label, but already a scoop!" ~Freistil (AT). "This is evocative, lyrical art, created by a very gifted miniaturist. In just six short tracks we hear a bewildering variety of musical and sound-art techniques." ~The Sound Projector (UK). "The whole thing seems to sway unstably back and forth, with the dry and slightly lo-fi nature of the recording bringing a sort of voyeuristic intimacy to the listening experience. In contrast, the chimes and vocal hums of 'Larve Giovani' feel less internalized - they sound like ritual chants from a consumed mind, reaching out for gods beyond the stars, yearning to be astrally projected out of the atmosphere." ~ATTN:Magazine (UK). Ezramo (Alessandra Eramo) - voice, piano, prepared zither, bells, field recordings.

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