• wild beasts Present Tense (CD, £8.25)

    label: domino

    This collection of eleven songs is the Kendal four pieceís fourth album, and the first in almost three years since the release of the critically acclaimed ĎSmotherí. Already rightly considered to be one of contemporary Britainís most innovative and vital bands, the new album sees the groupís ever-restless collective muse lead them to remarkable new heights - boldly embracing new production techniques and songwriting forms whilst retaining the thrilling idiosyncrasies that have made them so beloved over the course of three challenging, beguiling and beautiful albums to date. TRACKLIST WANDERLUST 4:55 NATURE BOY 3:33 MECCA 3:45 SWEET SPOT 3:59 DAUGHTERS 4:47 PREGNANT PAUSE 3:09 A SIMPLE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH 2:36 A DOG'S LIFE 3:21 PAST PERFECT 2:57 NEW LIFE 4:37 PALACE 3:20

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