• octo octa Cause I Love You (4-track 12", £10.95)

    label: 100% Silk

    New England deep house patriot Octo Octa logged some real miles in 2013, flexing his live muscles, refining his crowd-vibe antennae and tracking a trio of fresh EPs to kick off the new year. Cause I Love You is the first—to be followed by 12-inches for Skylax and Argot—and it’s a real shot to the heart. “Cause I Love You” jacks out of the gate, a jubilant drag race of tumbling percussion, intestinal bass and slipstreaming vocal samples, a true banger to break the moody collective soul mould of Between Two Selves. It’s not all so raring though. Live staple “So Lux” lives up to the title, a creamy, serene slice of stereo software, while “Give” (featuring Raw Moans) coasts on a mesmerising melody loop, filtered, flowing, and low to the ground. Closer “Mine (Second Chance Mix)” is classic Octo: lens-flared, high-stepping, turned on, turned loose. Though more of a variety pack than a linearly themed collection, these four cuts show a craftsman hot in the pocket, still picking up steam, alive with ideas.

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