• saċad Deep/Float (clear vinyl LP, £14.95)

    label: Hands In The Dark Records

    Edition of 300 with a free MP3 download coupon. Following a number of quality drone/dark ambient releases on cassette including 2013's HITD release 'Orbs & Channels', as well as digital EPs, CDs and with some quality experimental collaborations and splits under their belts, it was high time that Romain Barbot and Greg Buffier got their 5 year evolution onto wax. And it has been worth the wait. 'Deep/Float' is arguably Saċad's most crafted and coherent work to date. This luminous album offers a 40-minute musical healing cure made up of a complex mix of field recordings, ambient improv and abstract drone. And, of course, the record wouldn't be complete without the tremendous artwork by Romain Barbot to visually complement the albums themes of sexuality and elemental forces.

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